1000 Words Worth

1000 Words Worth

(Chinese) New Year Resolutions

* Deep breath*

Once upon a time, when the internet was young and Facebook was a gleam in Zukerberg’s eye, I used to blog. 

Then I found a job, which included blogging full 

Writing at work, while fulfilling in itself, exhausted writing for me, and I slowly took a step back from my personal blog each time life got hectic. Many little steps back, I find myself, four years later, with a lost voice. 

So I’m going to try. Again. I don’t believe that I would get my voice back. After all, it was a life time ago - I now have a fiance, a new city, a cat, a new career….

BUT - I will try and find my new voice. And I hope you will stick around, and help me find it. 

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